Yellow-shafted Flying Mite Habitat


Yesterday was that most unusual of spring days: sunny, more or less normal temperatures, little wind, and on a weekend. With little incentive other than to prep the garden and enjoy the landscape, we did little to add to our invertebrate faunal list. Being two-thirds the way through May, though, we also were able to appreciate the migrating mite habitats. We welcomed back the usual suspects, loons, red-necked grebes, red-winged blackbirds, yellow warblers, northern orioles, northern flickers, and the like. But we also picked up some new records: Blackpoll Warblers (migrants), a Tennessee Warbler (possible summer resident), and Swainson’s Thrush (probable summer resident – we think we heard the song one evening last summer). Today is cloudy and gloomy, and another cold front with rain is on its way, but yesterday was nice.


2 responses to “Yellow-shafted Flying Mite Habitat

  1. Lovely shot of the flicker.

  2. Hi Adrian:
    Thanks! This particular flicker is a very cooperative photographic subject, not wary at all. Can’t tell whether it is hosting my namesake feather mite, Stenopteronyssus proctorae Mironov & Galloway, though!

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