Biodiversity Update: It’s the little things that count

Smaller than a match-head, but big on biodiversity

In December 2010, our ‘biotic inventory’ of the Moose Pasture stood at 631 species: 531 arthropods, 16 other invertebrates, and 85 vertebrates. Just over a year later, the vertebrate numbers haven’t changed much – we are up to 88 species thanks to a few new bird records. But the invertebrates have increased by almost 50% to a grand total of 799. Of these, the vast majority are arthropods (780 species), mostly insects (474 species) and mites (246 species). So, we are taking a moment to celebrate our insects and mites. Although the relationship between the two often looks uncomfortable, they are the framework of biodiversity.

Phoretic mite clinging to mouthparts of Pegomya fly


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