The Mania that Started It All

In 2005 I was consumed by the need to own land – land that wasn’t being developed at the rapid rate that will soon leave few natural areas anywhere near my home city of Edmonton.  My husband kindly entertained this madness by accomanying me on many fruitless trips north, west and south of Edmonton in search of this elusive property.  In the spring of 2006 we had given up – what land we could afford was too small and too close to subdivisions to satisfy my craving for a biologically diverse haven far from concrete and metastatic monster homes.  Then, astonishingly, in the spring of 2006 one of my colleagues told me that an an entire quarter-section (160 acres) of completely undeveloped land was coming up for sale at a price we might be able to afford.  After several months of bargaining and anxiously dashing between lawyers and real-estate agents, we took possession of the property in the early fall of 2006.  This blog tells the story of our subsequent and ongoing exploration of the plants, animals, fungi and even the prokaryotes that inhabit the big square of land that we call Moose Pasture.


One response to “The Mania that Started It All

  1. Time fir a story I think. How about one about the mooses.

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